Graphic Design. Photography.
Website Design. Cat Herding.

I'm not kidding about the cat herding thing, either. This is Noelle, one of my two cats.
Noelle, one of the two cats I herd on a daily basis.

I have 20 years of experience in graphic design, website design, and photography and freelance out of beautiful Macon, Georgia.

Over the years, my jobs have lead me into all parts of the design industry including concept-to-production print design, destination travel campaigns, way-finding signage, corporate photography, event planning and set-up, building renderings, and even a brief time running an off-set press. There are few things that require design work that I have not been part of.

As a creative, I have one unique talent — I excel at herding random ideas into a cohesive designs. It’s not just images. I’m used to taking large piles of disorderly information (analog and digital) and putting it all into neat little stacked boxes in a logical and easy-to-access order. From photo shoots to annual reports, I can help you get your point across efficiently and coherently.

Contact me about your graphic design, website design, and photography projects and cat herding needs.